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Welcome to Cedar Log Homes Inc.

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Thank you for your interest in Cedar Log Homes, Inc. We offer a unique, solid cedar log home that is virtually unequaled in the log home industry.
Our main office is located in Grove, Ok. We have been in the building industry for 36 years. Our construction crews are competent, efficient and experienced. In describing the advantages of log homes, a well known national magazine gave the following reasons why log home sales are increasing about 30% each year.

  1. They are easy to construct
  2. They offer great energy savings
  3. They are easy to maintain
  4. No two are exactly alike
  5. You do not have to sacrifice modern conveniences Television, newspapers and magazines throughout the country have reported on the excellent advantages of log homes. There are several reasons why.

Updated: 05/06/2009

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1. CEDAR - Northern white cedar is truly nature’s best. It is the only wood we use because it has the highest resistance to decay and wood destroying insects of all woods. It has cells made of air as opposed to sap, thus making it the best insulator available. Only cork could equal it’s insulating qualities. Cedar is also the most durable of all woods. Because it is a soft wood there is no pre-drilling necessary as there is with red cedar, oak and other hard woods. These qualities in combination give northern white cedar the competitive edge.

2. METHOD OF CONSTRUCTION - Our post and beam method of construction is the most durable in the business. It is the strongest method known to man. There is absolutely no settling in our homes as there is with other construction methods.

3. DESIGN - Our homes are designed to blend into any surroundings whether it be exclusive subdivisions, mountains, beaches, a rural setting or a city setting.

4. TONGUE AND GROOVE MILLED LOGS - Our tongue and groove logs prevents air infiltration and assures you of a warm, comfortable home in the colder months as well as a comfortable environment in the warmer months. Our logs are guaranteed to contain only 16% moisture when they leave the mill. This means that they are virtually dry and there will be no shrinkage. Our logs also come with a 25 year warranty.

5. MANUFACTURING FACILITIES - Our manufacturing plants are geographically positioned to provide the best delivery and service to our customers.

We do custom building. We have many house plans at our office or we will custom build from your plans. We will build your home for you, or supply you with a log home kit that you can easily construct yourself, or work in conjunction with you to build. Our rates are very reasonable because we pass on any cost savings to you. We do not add the normal 10% to 15% that most contractors add to their costs. We do not provide financing, but we can help you obtain your own financing. Generally you will have equity in your home upon completion because our homes appraise for more than the cost of building.

Our portfolio has pictures of homes that we have built along with the floor plans for those homes and the current price of the log kit for each home. There are also additional floor plans with log kit prices for your viewing pleasure. These are just samples of what we have to offer. Please note that these log kit prices are subject to change without notice.

Let us help you make your dream of owning a log home come true. Call 918-786-6775 today to discuss your dream home, to see a cedar log home, to meet with the contractor, or to arrange financing.

You CAN have the home of your dreams. For painting visit this painting contractor facebook page.

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